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February 17th, 2010

Hi All,

From the beginning of this year, SEOjobs.in has been receiving numerous requests from SEO and web development companies for resumes of local SEO Professionals.

For example, Mumbai SEO Companies want resumes of SEO Professionals currently living in Mumbai. Same for Delhi, Chennai, etc.

We currently have such resumes but they are not updated ones. Therefore, we request you to email your resumes in the following Way Only.

Those seeking jobs in ‘Bangalore only’ should email resume as follows;

Email Subject: Bangalore Link Builder 2 years

OR other cities as follows;

Email Subject: Delhi PPC 3 years


Email Subject: Mumbai Content Writer 2 years

Those who are seeking jobs in ‘South India only ‘, should mention as follows;

Email Subject: South PHP 3 years

Similarly, we can have, North, West, South, East & Central.
Those who want to relocate anywhere can send as follows;

Email Subject: Anywhere PPC 3 Years.

So, to summarize, it should be in the following format;

Subject: [Your desired location] [Your expertise**] [Your experience*]

*Your experience should be the number of years related to SEO or Internet Marketing & not total work experience.

** If you feel that you have ‘All Skill Sets’, ie, you can do Organic SEO, PPC, Content writing, SMO, then mention your expertise as ‘Internet Marketing’, so it would as follows;

Subject: North Internet Marketing 5 years


a) Keep 1 space between words, especially between numeral and ‘years’.
So it should be ‘5 years‘ and Not ‘5years’.

b) Don’t add any decimals like 1.5 years or 1.2 years.
Round number only, either 1 year or 2 years.

c) If a resume is submitted many times under different location names or expertise, it shall be deleted from the database.

Email your resumes to jobs AT seojobs.in

Check out these images for correct Subject Entries.